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High Pressure Air Compressors

Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressors

Oil free air and gas provide the backbone of modern industry. All of our high pressure reciprocating air compressors are designed to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, quality, and output.

Our unique combination of shaftless motors with diagonal cylinder lines eradicates items that require regular maintenance, such as horizontal cylinder lines and belt drive systems. 

Our high pressure air compressors are designed to operate for 8,000 hours between service, and when routine maintenance time comes around, you’ll find key components are easy to access and work on, so you’ll be up and running quickly.


Belliss & Morcom

High Pressure Compressor Range


Belliss & Morcom High Pressure

Air Compressors

Predominantly manufactured for the PET Bottle Blowing industry, our high pressure air compressors come with our revolutionary shaftless motors fitted as standard. These motors are engineered to allow maximum drive system efficiency, ensuring that your machines not only save on energy related operating expenses, but run for longer and require far less maintenance downtime than traditional drive systems, such as a belt drive.

Part of our PET range of high pressure air compressors, the VH21 has become an world leader in the PET industry.

High Pressure Air Compressors for Industrial Applications

We can manufacture bespoke high pressure air compressor systems to fit your needs exactly. Based on four frame sizes, and with the performance capabilities shown in the technical sheet below, contact your Belliss & Morcom sales representative today.

Belliss & Morcom W370-45-2N 

Originally a bespoke design for a premium automotive manufacturer in Germany, the Belliss and Morcom oil and silicon free W370-45-2N offers a reliable air source at variable pressure and flow rate.

Belliss  Morcom W370452N.png
Belliss  Morcom WH50.png

Utilising our unique Belliss & Morcom 'W' design, the WH50 is the market leading high volume high pressure air compressor. 

High Pressure Air Compressors for PET Bottle Blowing

Belliss & Morcom have supplying high pressure air compressors for the PET bottle blowing industry for the past 40 years. Over that time we've focused on continuously refining our compressors to ensure that reliability, accessibility, and machine uptime are all inherently built in.

Our original PET high pressure compressor, first supplied in 1978, is still running today, with the majority of it's original parts intact. With regular scheduled maintenance our customer has seen near continuous running for over 40 years and not had a single major breakdown. We strive to achieve this level of reliability with all of our high pressure air compressors and with the combination of our shaftless motors, unique design and compact footprint we're confident that we can continue to do so, whatever the specification. 

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